In loving memory

Our beloved HP Fred died in the morning of 24th May 2020.

His smile and the love in his heart is leading him through the clouds to the Otherworld.
Peacefully – as he has ever been with us and the world – he slept away in the arms of the Great Goddess. Fred’s spirit lives on in our rituals, as deeply as he touched us with his humble being. 

May his smile be ever in our hearts.

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again
Agi, Lilo, Tanja 


PS: Please respect Hildegard and allow her to take her time.

She does not want to be contacted by anyone. If you want to contact her, you can do this via Agi or Lilo. 
You can leave all your thoughts and comments on the following page.

You are invited to use the condolence book here to leave your thoughts or memories. We plan to have this printed as a book for Hildegard.

We will arrange a farewell gathering in Austria and England together with Hildegard. 

Condolence Book 70 thoughts on “In loving memory”

  1. The Wiccan community has lost one of its Great Elders, but we are all enriched beyond measure for having known dear Fred. He was one of the first people I met via Jean and Zach, and I am so lucky to have spent so many magical moments with him. A truly exceptional man – and what stories! My thoughts are with Hildegard and their lovely Coven.

    1. I remember meeting him in the early 90th. He had a talk about Samhain in a univety in London There where demonstrations by christians. We invited them in after, later I joined him in a radio intervju, and as usual they had a Christian priest comenting us They asked me about how the Norwegians did Wicca.
      He was calm and I got irritaded. So I didnt say much. I always felt blessed to meet elders like him on my Journey in the tradition. May he rest in peace. Hail the traveler
      Blessed Be Vigdis

  2. I never met Fred, but heard so much about him, so I am truly sad. May he rest well in the Arms of the Great Mother.

  3. This is a devastating loss, not only for those who have known and loved him but to the world of the Craft. I met Fred and his wife Gillian as a frequent guest at Jean and Zac’s. My admiration for his wit, charm, humility and intelligence is unparalleled. Rest well Robert in the arms of the goddess you loved.

  4. Es war mir eine große Ehre Fred gekannt zu haben.
    Die Göttin möge ihn willkommen heißen.

  5. A well loved and respected Elder, who is now off to join my beloved HP and others in Summerland.
    I will keep him and the memories I have of him in my heart.
    Love to all of you and especially to Hildegard.

  6. I am told Fred Lammond has died, gone home to Summerlands and the Síd Otherworld. My friend Tam Campbell introduced him to me over thirty years ago in the ‘Talking Stick’ pagan talks in London. Where over a hundred pagans would gather once a month to talk about numerous pagan, Wiccan topics.
    Robert and I had spoke many times at numerous pagan Wiccan events throughout the years.
    He was a really nice chap with a good sense of humour. I had recently put a photo up of him on a pagan site.
    He was part of G.B. Gardner’s early coven groups and had plenty of insights about the early starting period of Gardnerian Wicca, its practices and the people who were there at the start of Wicca as we know it. He wrote a book on Wicca himself called ‘Robert’, to my memory.
    I remember he used to do a funny story monologue as his party piece which was a bit tongue in cheek, and his timing was perfect. He was a good old sort from the upper classes who had no problems mixing with anyone, he was generous and free with his time and his knowledge. The last time I met him, he was giving a talk with the late Jean Williams on early Wicca which was very insightful. He will be missed by many.

  7. So grateful for the few moments I had the opportunity to meet and talk with. Even 12 years after PaGE, he’s still in our stories and thoughts. What a wonderful man who has left this earthly life. I hope to meet him again in the next life. May he be under the loving wings of his Goddess. Love, Katarina ( Belgium )

  8. I am thankful to have met you, Fred. My memories of you are a treasure that I will always keep dear in my heart.

    My thoughts are now with those who were closest to you and who are suffering the most with this loss.

  9. Sorry to hear of Fred’s passing, I have many good memories of Fred, a kind and compassionate man devoted to the Goddess.

  10. Saddened to hear the news. My condolences to Hildegard. Fred your life is an inspiration for those that follow . Travel well 💙

  11. I am so happy to have met Fred and to have gotten to know him a little. He will be sorely missed. May he journey well. May Hildegard and all who grieve him find strength and comfort in this most difficult time. We have lost another of our wise ones.

  12. Thank you, Fred, for spending time with me to talk about the old times. I am so grateful to you. I shall miss you!

  13. The Wiccan world has lost one of it’s greatest, kindest and most genuine men and distinguished elders of it’s time. May he be as valuable in the Summerlands as he was on earth.
    I’ve known him for 30 years plus and was always, an inspiration, and delight to hear him talk.
    Must love and condolences to Hildegard, the family, coven and his friends.
    He won’t be forgotten and neither will his work in Wicca.

  14. The night before you died I had to think very intensely of you, Fred. I’m grateful to have known you and have shared ritual space with you. Have a good journey forth!

  15. It was as if David Bowie had confirmed that he would attend PaGE2008, that’s how excited we were when Fred informed us that he would come to Belgium for the event. He was not only very erudite, but also the most lovable person and not a diva at all. It was an absolute privilege to have him in our circle. Travel well to the Summerlands, Fred! We are sure Aphrodite waits for you with open arms.

  16. Our condolences from The Doreen Valiente Foundation
    We are saddened to learn that one of the great elders of the Craft – Frederic Lamond – passed to the Summerlands yesterday.
    He was one of the members of Gerald and Doreens original coven and a man who Doreen had high regard for. He was also an Honorary member of the Foundation and
    came to speak at the Day For Doreen in 2009 Farewell for now Fred and may your journey to the Summerlands be swift and easy.

    Hail to the Traveller!

  17. I’m terribly saddened to hear the passing of another Craft elder. Fred will be greatly missed and has left an amazing legacy through his published work, and through his living initiates.
    Much love and support to Hildegard, his world and his HPS.

  18. Dear Fred, I’ve known you since our first gathering in 1990.I was deeply impressed by you talks and your love for the Goddess. Our paths have crossed many times since then, the PFI conferences in London with Morgana when we stayed in your house, the yearly gatherings, the PAGE weekend with in Belgium, the Greencraft week in the Ardennes and so on. Now that you started your journey to the summerlands may you peacefully rest in the arms of your Goddess.
    Blessed Be

  19. My condolences foremost to Hildegard, and to Fred’s children. Fred was a man of immense kindness and generosity, whose love for the Goddess was boundless. He saw the best in people, and always fostered peace and healing in all he did. May he rest in the arms of the Goddess once more.

  20. Fred was a great influence on my life and craft.
    One of the best, most open and finest of Wiccans I ever met.

    May the Gods welcome you into the Summerisles and give you the place of honour you so richly deserve.
    Your wisdom and incites have guided many of us, your brothers and sisters of the Craft in their paths to the Goddess and God. We will all remember you with love and admiration you were an example to us all

    Blessed Be!

  21. I am incredibly saddened to hear this, my deepest condolences to the Gardnerian community. I met Fred in 2006 and kept in touch with him, he was a kind, humorous and wise elder. He loved the Great Feminine, in her every manisfestation. May he rest in the luminous heart of the Goddess…

  22. Lieber Fred, ich bin dankbar, dass ich dich persönlich treffen und kennenlernen durfte! Du hast mich inspiriert und zum Nachdenken gebracht und du warst für uns Jüngere und Spätergekommene ein lebender, atmender, sprechender Anker in die Anfänge von Wicca.
    Der Friede der Göttin begleite dich auf deinem Weg ins Sommerland und deine Liebsten auf dem Weg durch das Tal ihrer Trauer. Wir sehen uns wieder 🙂

  23. Ps: I thought about him strongly for some reason yesterday, and saw him in my dream. It makes sense now, so was nice to see him. I am sharing this only because he would’ve wanted that, as a grace bestowed by Her.

  24. Sad news today. Such a great character, such an open person, a generous man, and pleasant to all. Successful in the world and a link with the past that he shared so kindly. Blessings to him on his soul’s journey. He was there in a catalystic way during my magical journey, and I remember him fondly.

  25. I met Fred, at my very first gathering, had interesting talks with him, and also enjoyed some of his lectures – and found him so remarkable and wise, – and also very compassionate. It – and he, made a huge impression on me, and my further wiccan life <3 Thank you so much Dear Fred, and see you in Summerland 🙏🦅

  26. I will miss, Fred. I will miss our chats on Wicca, of his craft time in the area where I now live;where GG had a coven; and our chats on economics. I shall try and remember that only the body is discarded after its use is completed and the Fred I knew is eternal.

  27. So sad to hear these news. I had the pleasure to meet him on some occasions. Fred was amazingly friendly, helpful, very firm in his beliefs and it was always a pleasure to listen to him and his advice.. He will always be in my memories. May he rest in the arms of the Goddess.
    My condolences to Hildegard, all of his family and his Coven.

  28. In behalf of the Initiates from Chile, please receive our heartfelt condolences. We send our love to Hildegard and and to Fred’s loved ones.
    Su legado seguirá vivo a través de las personas que lo amaron.

    Hail to the traveler and our love to all his Initiates and family.

    Santiago, Chile

  29. It is with regret that we received the death of Fred Lamond, a very dear and respected Elder in traditional Wicca. His passage took place serenely he will be welcomed by the Gracious Goddess and the Mighty God, to whom he was dedicated.
    In a personal level, we will remember the walks and the good times we had together and say goodbye, wishing good health and resistance to his widow Hildegard. We also thank Fred for his communication at the PFI-Portugal conference in 2004, and the Portuguese pagan community pays tribute to you.
    Happy departure dear friend.
    Isobel e Thorg

  30. I remember meeting Fred in the late 1980s and Circling with him at the Covenant of the Goddess MerryMeet Festival and many other occasions. Such a wise and kind person, and a fine priest. May he rest gently in the arms of the Goddess. Until we meet again, my friend. Hail and farewell!

  31. Another precious Elder of the Craft has left his mortal coil to be received into the arms of his beloved Goddess in the Summerlands. My heartfelt condolences go to his family and Initiates. Blessed Be!

  32. Dear Fred, Thank you for all the chats & sensible advice you shared over the many years since we first met [some 40 years ago?]. I shall remember you. May the realisation of your dreams of the After-Life lead you ever onwards; May you dance lightly upon the Edge of Time; & May the Stars-Forever shine upon your Life & Work /|\ I offer my sincere condolences to your Family & Friends & Followers.
    “You have passed like the rain on a mountain, like the wind over a meadow;
    “Your days have gone down in the West, behind the hills into shadow.
    “Who shall gather the smoke from the dead wood burning?
    “Or behold the flowing years from the Sea returning?”
    /|\ Si man i yulma nin enquantuva? /|\

  33. Dear Freddie,
    Such a long time since I initiated you! You gave to the Craft such depth, thoughtfullness and kindness of spirit. I remember our early circling and your enthusiasm, specially the dancing! You brought Paul to Bricket Wood and he and I have now been together for over 60 years. So many lovely memories. That marvelous gypsy caravan. The afternoon teas. Family. Rest well my dear friend. Enjoy your entry to the Summerland, into the arms of the Goddess. Blessed be…

  34. I only knew of Fredric through his writings. I am honored to have known him at least that much!

  35. I met Robert at one of the Gathers here in the States. He regaled us with stories about early Wiccan history and practice. He was a perfect gentleman, cordial, friendly, kind and willing to share his wisdom with us. No question was too trivial to him. He will be missed – yet kept alive in our collective consciousness.

    Hail the Traveler. Safe journey home.

  36. I have only known the gentleman through his writings, but he was a powerful voice in my life. Travel well and rest in the Summerlands.

  37. I met Fred many years ago in Northern California, at Annwfn, where I was living at the time. We shared much humour and some good discussions about the Craft. Fred was always welcome in our home and temple. He was kind, respectful, and knowledgeable. Fred, we will meet again in the Summerland.

  38. Thank you Fred for all that you have given to the Wiccan community!

    Blessings and peace to you!

  39. It is with great sadness to hear of Fred’s passing. We, Dennis & I, first met Fred in the early 1990’s, when he visited the Netherlands for business. He would stay with us and we would have fascinating discussions about the Craft. In subsequent years we would meet at our annual witchy gatherings, and at conferences in the UK, NL, Germany and Belgium.
    Most memorable was when he joined us in September 2005 as part of the PFI Turkey delegation to the Sanctuary of Hekate in Lagina, Turkey, as part of a cultural exchange.
    His love of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess – in Her many guises was inspirational. May he rest in peace and in Her arms.
    I am including a photo of the late beloved Jean Williams, his HPS for many years, and Fred .. at the Externsteine in 2011. Love & Blessings to them both!

  40. It was an enormous privilege to work with Fred in the circle in London in the 1980s. I thought of him a few days ago as well. Was Fred was our last link to old Gerald? It was always interesting to hear his personal anecdotes about the time when he worked in Gardener’s coven. Rest in peace old friend.

  41. So Sad to hear this news, What a Beautiful and gentle Soul ,It was a gift to spend some time with him, My condolences to Hildergard and family, Merry Meet Again.

  42. Thank you once again and always for your kind assistance in my biography project. May you have a safe and restful journey across the final river.

  43. Bin traurig das er gegangen ist und froh, dass er erlöst ist. Ich kann Fred mehr als 30 Jahre und es war immer schön mit ihm zu reden. Kann mich noch gut erinnern, wie er mich damals anrief und Kontakt zu Hildegard suchte 🙂

    Liebe Hildegart, wir wünschen Dir viel Kraft und alles Gute! BB

  44. Hail the Traveler! Huzzah and Blessings on your journey!
    I never had the pleasure to meet you, Fred, but your voice in video and words in print were a joy and inspiration to me. Through your stories and teachings, you set good example how to honor the Old Gods and how to bring a lion’s share of wit and merriment to the Craft. Much love and condolences to your family and coven kin.
    Blessed be,
    Eala Bhan (Albiana)

  45. May your journey to the other side be gentle and swiftly reunite you with the many friends who have gone before, I wish you well my dear friend and I am sure we will meet again

    Firstly I wish to offer my heart felt condolences to Hildegard, his family and his many close friends. I have lost a close personal friend in Fred, I have known him for many years and he will be sorely missed. He was a source of endless wisdom and knowledge, and someone you could always rely on in troubled times. His knowledge of the craft went right back to the very brink of the start and he was always ready to share his memories. He was someone who remained grounded and was always the voice of reason and what was right. He was an inspiration to each new generation and I cannot emphasise enough the force for good in the craft he remained until the end.

    Blessed Be,
    Dave (aka Merlyn Hern CoA)

  46. Sending deepest condolences and much love to Fred’s friends and family. He will be greatly missed x

  47. Safe journey, Fred – we only met a few times, but you left a deep impression in my heart. Condolences to Hildegard, your children and coven. Until we meet again…

  48. Dear Fred, I am sure you are again in the arms of Aphrodite.
    It was good to meet you in Marienmünster, Zeist, Mechelen, and other places.
    My condolences to Hildegard and to Agi, Lilo, Tanja.
    To Fred: Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

  49. I first met Fred in Berkeley, California. He was visiting friends and joined a group of us attending a public ritual for Samhain. What he did not know before he arrived was that we had another guest with us, someone he had not seen in 35 years –Dayonis. All I can say is wow… The emotion of their reunion and the stories that were shared! It was quite a night! The ritual was also amazing. Over the years, I would see him at Interfaith events, including the Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa. These two events I mention are highlights in my life and made even more special because Fred was part.

  50. We are so sad Fred for your passing over. We’ll remember you as one of the Craft elder that influenced witches from over the world, an example for all of us.

    Fred may you rest gently in the arms of the Goddess and your path to Summerlands may be full of love and light.

    Our heartfelt condolences go to his family and Initiates. Blessed Be.

  51. Hail to the traveller!
    May Fred have a swift journey in the eternal and loving arms of the goddess.
    We gather around the bonfire, reading aloud of “50 years of witchcraft” to each other, raise a chalice in his remembrance, propose a toast on him and wish him well.
    May he always be in the memories, stories and love of his family, his dear ones and the community.
    Our deepest condolences go to Hildegard, his Coven and all his beloved ones. May love and support help you through this time.
    Blessed be and farewell from the Rainbow Serpent Coven (Amara, Eva, Kay and Thomas)

  52. I only met Fred once, but I have good memories of our short talk. I enjoyed his energy, his candid style of writing and discerning outlook on the Craft. May his soul’s journey to the summerlands be a swift and safe one.
    My condolences to his family and friends.

  53. I have never met Fred but heard so much about him.
    Much love and condolences to Hildegard, Agi, Lilo, Tanja.
    May your journey be smooth and swiftly Fred.
    Blessed Be,

  54. So sad that we no longer have Fred among us. His erudition, his constant calm good humour and good sense, besides his direct acquaintance with ‘Old Gerald’, made him a true Craft treasure.
    May he rest well in the Summerlands. Blessed Be.

  55. So sad that we no longer have Fred among us. His erudition, his constant calm good humour and good sense, besides his direct acquaintance with ‘Old Gerald’, made him a true Craft treasure.
    May he rest well in the Summerlands. Blessed Be.

  56. Travel well, I only had the privilege of seeing you speak once at a conference in London, your talk on the how the craft had changed since the days of Gerald Gardner was most enlightening.
    Blessed Be

  57. Cyfarfod Llawen,
    Merry meet,

    “Fy nghydymdeimlad yn bennaf â Hildegard, ac â phlant a ffrindiau agos i Fred”.

    Translated from the above.
    My condolences foremost to Hildegard, and to Fred’s children and close friends.

    I listened to “Fred” for the first time in a London conference back in the autumn fall of 1994. By the autumn fall of 1995 we had spoken together for the first time.
    After the conference, and unknown to me at the time, I was invited to his London home
    where I met Fred once more and other members of the wiccan fraternity.

    That meeting left a huge impression upon me and I still have very fond memories even
    today of that wonderful glowing friendly welcome that was present within the walls of
    Fred’s warm and friendly London home.
    This act of kindness and generosity in itself shows explicitly what kind of a man Fred
    Lamond was.
    Between 1996 and 2002 we continued to meet each other at various conferences. I was
    surprised that Fred had time for a mere novice of the craft. I was deeply interested to
    learn about his relationship with G.B.G. and the early craft. But Fred was not interested in
    regurgitating the past with me. But to my surprise we connected in a very unusual way.

    Fred’s questions led me to believe that he was after knowledge and experiences and to
    my surprise whenever we met we discussed what we call in Cymru “Hiraeth”! I described
    the land that I was born into. I described the tempestuous moods of the land and its surrounding seas, its vibrant colours and its secrecy.

    I described that we are mere raindrops, raindrops falling from the sky only to fall onto the
    sacred Earth where we gather and form puddles and the puddles flow into streams and the
    little streams flow over the sacred rocks and tumble and flow into ponds. I described the
    sounds of running water that flows from a stream, the sanctuary that the sounds bring, the
    wisdom and knowledge that the streams can impregnate us with, their dreamy and
    melodious intoxicating ways. I translated poems for Fred from the world of Dafydd Ap

    I made Fred a seeing glass and a copper pentagram. The seeing glass was made from
    Hawthorn from my woods. When Fred insisted on paying for it I replied it is a gift and I do
    hope that the seeing glass over the years has inspired Fred to find his own personal Hiraeth.

    Although I invited Fred to my home many times to try to repay him for all of the kind and
    warm hospitality that he shared with me over the years, unfortunately we never seemed to
    have quite got it together and Fred never did visit my home in the very west of Cymru.

    “Gorffwyswch mewn heddwch fy’n ffrind ym mreichiau’r fam sanctaidd.
    Cadwch le i mi wrth y dân sanctaidd wersyll”.

    Translated from above.
    Rest in peace my friend in the arms of the sacred mother.
    Keep a place for me at the sacred campfire.

    Rhan llawen,
    Llawen cwrdd un waith eto.

    Merry Part,
    merry meet meet again.

    Oddi wrth
    Dafydd Claud Miggiano

  58. Hildegard, hi, I just learned of Fred’s passing. I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re in my heart.

    I was so happy the day Fred phoned to say he was bringing you home to live in London with him. I still remember Christina and I busily getting the house ready for you. It’s a happy memory. Here is snapshot of him in his home office, right before you came to London. I post it with much love to you, Hildegard, and everyone here.

    Hildegard, I also want you to know I called you several times since we last spoke, but couldn’t reach you. I don’t want you to think I stopped trying.

    I just left a message on what I think was your phone machine, but I’m not sure because the outgoing message was in German. If you want to reach me: 814.337.2490.

    My condolences to all who knew and loved Fred.

    I am very grateful to y’all who set up this page.

    May Fred rest in peace, in the Goddess’ arms.

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